Omar Solomanov versus Khazar Rustamov , 66 kg bout at EAGLES ELIMINATION 26.10.2019 tournament!!!

Омар Соломанов против Хазара Рустамов, поединок в категории 66 кг на турнире EAGLES ELIMINATION 26.10.2019 !!!


Omar Solomanov versus Khazar Rustamov , 66 kg  bout at EAGLES ELIMINATION 26.10.2019 tournament!!! 

The 26th of October, the Moldavian promotion EAGLES ELIMINATION will bring a good deal of enjoyment for all the MMA fans, in the form of spectacular fights. One of the main card bouts is the stand off between the Ukrainian fighter Omar Solomanov and the Azerbaijan representative, Khazar Rustamov.

Omar can be proud of his track record. He attained 7 victories and 2 losses. Interestingly enough, both his wins and defeats were ahead of schedule. This suggests that Solomanov doesn’t like to stall and to let the decision to the judges; he is used to win clearly and without any doubt.

He is 26 years old. Lives and trains in Odessa, attends the SCORPION MMA TEAM club. Measures 170 cm in height, and usually weighs 70 kg, but in this upcoming event he is going to fight in the up to 66 kg division.

His adversary is the representative of Azerbaijan, Khazar Rustamov, who is 2 years younger than him, aged 24. He is taller than his opponent as well, having a height of 177cm. Khazar lives and trains in Baku at the RUSLAN FIGHT CLUB. As for his professional record Rustamov has less experience. But Khazar won both his professional fights ahead of schedule in the first round.

Thus, his ambition and zeal are undeniable. Khazar also fights mainly in the category up to 71 kg, so he and Omar are on an equal footing, since both will fight in the 66 kg division.

26th of October, EAGLES ELIMINATION, start – 18:00, only at!!!

FEATHERWEIGHT Bout, 66 kg, 3R x 5M, EXTRA 1R, MMA Rules
(Ukraine) Omar Solomanov  vs Khazar Rustamov (Azerbaijan)