Gheorghe Lupu is set to continue his winning streak!!!

Георгий лупу намерен продолжить свою серию побед!!!


Gheorghe Lupu is set to continue his winning streak!!!

On October the 26th, Gheorghe Lupu will enter the EAGLES ELIMINATION cage against the Polish fighter, Iacub Wiklacz. The bout will take place in the 61.2 kg division. Lupu performed impeccably at the summer EAGLES tournament, on the 22nd of June, when he defeated the Ukrainian fighter, Roman Vybornyi. At the upcoming event, Lupu intends to hold his grounds and keeps getting ready to show off his best side. Lupu has recently taken part in a lot of amateur tournaments, so he is in great shape.

Lupu is 23 years old; his record is of 5 wins, 4 losses. Height-170cm, weight - up to 62kg. He is young and ambitious. Gheorghe understands that everything is up to him, therefore he will put in al his 100% at the upcoming match against a more experienced Polish fighter.

Iacub Wiklacz, despite the fact that he is the same age as Lupu, spent more fights. Iacub is 23 years old. His professional record consists of 8 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw. His height is 173cm.

The battle appears to be difficult for the Moldavian fighter. Lupu has to prevail over an opponent, who has more fights in the professional cage.

How is he going to do that? It’s his decision. As already known, Gheorghe is more of a striker, but recently he has mastered wrestling tactics as well. This will be useful to him in the upcoming fight, as his adversary mainly works on the mat.

The match will be tense, watch it at!