Mihail Sirbu vs Evgeny Odnorog, 62 kg super fight, October 26th, EAGLES ELIMINATION!!!

Михаил Сырбу против Евгения Однорог, супер бой в категории 62кг, 26 октября в рамках турнира EAGLES ELIMINATION !!!


Mihail Sirbu vs Evgeny Odnorog, 62 kg super fight, October 26th, EAGLES ELIMINATION!!! 

The 26th of October, as part of the spectacular MMA show EAGLES ELIMINATION, there will be a bout in the 62 kg category, in which our compatriot Mihail Sirbu will meet the representative of Ukraine, Evgeny Odnorog. 

Sirbu, as a fighter, doesn’t need an introduction; his record and the ex-title of Eagles Bantamweight champion speak for themselves. Mihail approaches every fight very responsibly and is respectful to each opponent. His resilience and determination can only be admired.

Most certainly, his main goal is the title rematch with Barbu, which will definitely take place. But for now, his primary mission is to get ready for the upcoming battle on October 26th against the Ukrainian fighter. To be noted that in his last fight, Sirbu won by decision in front of the famed Kygyz athlete, Kylchbek Sadirdinov.

Mihail Sirbu isn’t just a successful fighter; he’s a great trainer as well. For instance, his trainee, Oleg Bruma, has a winning streak (3-0) within EAGLES project. Here’s some statistics about Mihail Sirbu: Height - 165cm, weight - 62kg.
Mihail is 31 years old and his record consists of 13 wins and 6 losses. He attends LION FIGHT ACADEMY.

Accordingly, here are the stats on Evgeny Odnorog. Evgeny is a very experienced fighter. His professional record contains 14 victories and 6 defeats; he is 29 years old, trains and lives in Kiev. Weight category-62kg. He is 8 centimeters taller than Sirbu, his height is 173 cm.
Therefore the upcoming duel is going to be awfully tricky for both fighters. Nevertheless, for the audience, it will be a real treat.

It is very difficult to predict who will win this confrontation, both adversaries are more than worthy of each other. But still, only the hand of one of them will be raised at the end!!! October 26th, watch EAGLES ELIMINATION only at www.feafights.tv!!!